International customer service

15 languages

Our international Customer Service is available in a wide variety of languages to meet the expectations of your customers. Out of our local offices all over the world we currently offer customer service in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Chinese, Czech and Finnish language.


All calls from your customers will be processed by our professionally trained customer support employees and answered in the way you would like to communicated with your customers. Our employees are native speakers and receive comprehensive training to understand your business, in order to help your customers with questions regarding to your products and business processes.


The Salesupply customer service employees handle emails from your customers with great care. All emails are sorted into predefind categories which we set up together with you, this way you as our client can always access a detailed overview of the categories in which we receive the most questions. Repports will allow us together with you to improve the quality of your business procces to limited the amount of complaince or questions. Together we aim for happy and valuable clients!  


If your Ecommerce solution contains a chat function, our Customer support employees are able to communicate with your visitors directly via chat. A quick and helpful reply is the key to turn visitors into paying customers. If your webshop doenst included a chat function yet than Salesupply can help you with selecting one for your online store.

CMS software

Our international customer support solution is possible due to our in-house developed CMS solution. We started the development of our own global OMS, 7 years ago. Today it's one of the leading customer support applications available on the market. It handles customer support for multiple languages, currencies and channels within one solution. To make the solution as effective as possible, our own technical department will create an interface between the channels you are using to sell your products on and the CMS. It doesn’t matter if you are using, Magento, Demandware, Amazon, Ebay, Presta shop or whatever system possible. All orders arrive in the system and together with the inbound communication from your clients we have created the perfect environment to handle international inbound, phone calls, Emails, Chat and Social Media messages efficient and effective!



You are provided with a great variety of data from our customer support preformance on a regular basis. These reports contain detailed information about all correspondence between your customer and our customer support employees, divided into categories. You can access our CMS and monitor the amount of orders and sales. We offer maximum transparency for your confidence.

Service level

We provide a high standard of service. All our customer service employees are trained to become familiar with all the prosecces of your shop and your products. This enables us to help your customers in a way you would expect from your own employees. Every customer service employee is entrusted with a specifics selection of shops to guarantee the highest quality possible.


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