Logistics fulfilment

Worldwide network

The worldwide network of Salesupply offers many possibilities for a successful international rollout. Salesupply sites are in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Brazil, Russia and the USA. Our qualified personnel enable our clients to do business in adjacent countries. Please contact us for further details.


In cooperation with experienced and global acting logistic companies, Salesupply enables online retailers to store their goods nearby their delivery destinations. The benefits of this strategy are lower shipment costs, faster delivery and more effective handling of returns.

Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack is an efficient way to store and ship items used by countless businesses. Due to a perpetual stock of goods, any order can be dispatched in a very short period of time. Incoming orders are picked off of shelves of the warehouse and packed for upcoming shipment or delivery.

Value added services

Our logistics services are complemented by value service, facilitating a smooth delivery process. This includes services such as packing, labelling, bar coding, quality assurance, returns management, customs duty services, administration and more. We offer all services to enable a quick delivery and make your customers happy.


Returns are an unavoidable part of the business. To guarantee an effective way of handling returns, they can be sent to the associated logistic centres where all returns are processed.

Customs duty

Customs duty is tax based on the value of goods or upon the item weight and dimension. We inform you about the costs which depend on country, products and amount. A great advantage is that logistics fulfilment offers the possibility to import and store a huge amount of items that in turn saves you money.

Delivery times

We offer delivery to a wide range of countries. Depending on the delivery destination, delivery times vary from same day delivery to standard delivery, with it taking between 1-2 days. Nearby countries can be reached in 1-3 days.


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