Cross-Border Fulfilment: Achieving Perfect Delivery Experience for International Sellers

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Competition from local sellers: it can be a pain for cross-border sellers all over the world. Unless you have a unique product, which almost doesn’t exist, you have to deal with this local competition. How do you cope with competitive shipping rates and, more important, competitive delivery times? Henning Heesen, Chief Product Developer at Salesupply, talks to us about the importance of internat

Cross-Border Magazine - 5: Out Now!

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Cross-Border Magazine 5

Out now! The fifth issue of the Cross-Border Magazine. In this issue you can find insights from interesting success cases, take a look at the consequences of Brexit and the GDPR and we discuss the value of packaging. Read about the international expansion of Goosecraft, looking for opportunities in customer data to improve the customer experience and dive into the world of packaging with Ranpak an

Interview with Zalando: Care for Customers and Partners

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Customer satisfaction is one of the main cornerstones of Zalando's organisation. Making that extra effort to keep the customer happy is one of the main aspects of customer care. According to Zalando, customer satisfaction is a team effect. Everyone has to work at their best to deliver an excellent service. It does not matter whether you are working in the fulfilment department or in customer care.

What about Cross-border Ecommerce check outs; Yes or No?

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Selling cross-border comes with a lot of challenges. The best approach for your organization is based on many different elements. Usually the first shift in the approach is made based on whether you’re a retailer or a brand. As a retailer, your main issue in most cases the margins you’re having

E-Commerce: Say 'Si!' to Spain

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Did you know that the Spanish economy’s growth is stronger than that of Germany or The Netherlands, and that consumer spending is increasing? Would you be surprised about the fact that 63% of Spanish online customers buy cross-border or that online marketing costs in Spain are often much below th

Online internationalisation for brands

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Which online internationalisation strategies make sense for brands? International online sales can be an interesting path towards growth for brands. However, just as retailers, brands face a number of challenges when determining their strategy to sell online across borders. Which strategies make se

Handle with care: European consumers and their perception of data protection

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Consumer perception of data security varies across Europe, Retailers and Social Media score low on trust. Salesupply offers advice on how customer trust can be increased.
The average European is not happy with the way their data is treated by companies they do business with, finds a report issued by Symantec in February. The researchers surveyed over 7,000 respondents across seven European markets; UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands and Italy and learned nearly 60 per cent have experienced a data protection issues in the past.   Spanish consumers ar


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