Uncovering and Increasing E-Commerce Firm Performance

A quantitative study on firms in the e-Commerce context studied the effects of “big data applications” and the “customer orientation” in firm performance. The study proved both big data applications and customer orientation appeared to have a noticeable influence on the performance of the e-Commerce firms.


Black Friday Weekend finds its way to Europe

Although it is still more than a month away from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays, e-retailers are preparing their webshops and checking their stock in preparation for the upcoming traffic. The most populair shopping weekend of the year, is moving to Europe. However, some European shoppers need a little nudge to understand why they are getting a deal. The UK is still the EU market leader in this holiday weekend, up to an estimated $3 billion will be spent online over the weekend. This is half the volume of the total spending in Europe during this weekend. The total market volume increased last year with 15% in Europe.

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6 reasons why to enter the UK ecommerce market now!

1. The economy is growing strongly: The economy grew with 2.6% in 2014 and is expected to continue to outperform the euro zone for at least the next 2 years (2.7 vs 1.3%). Importantly the growth in household income is going to at least keep pace with the growth in GDP. Unemployment is falling from 6.8% in Q1 ’14 to 5.4% in Q1 ’17 (source: IMF 20/1/15 and British Chamber of Commerce Nov 14).
Is there any other market in Europe that is doing better?


E-retailers: Prey or predators?

The European Union is a common market, which helps to promote competition and rivalry at all levels and among all types of European stakeholders. The single currency, the euro, the standardization of regulations and the rules in Europe have sped up competitivity. Indeed, if a company sets up in a foreign country, it will enjoy the same game rules as on its home market, so it will be even more motivated to come set up outside its country.


Report: Latin American B2C e-commerce market

Latin American B2C e-commerce market expected to have reached $39.3 billion in 2014


Global e-commerce grew by 23.6 percent to €1,552bn in 2013

In 2013, around 4.1 billion consumers from all regions found their way to the Internet and the majority of them purchased goods and/or services online for a total amount of $1,552bn. In comparison with 2012, this represented an increase of 23.6 percent. For 2014 a growth of 22.9 percent is forecast, resulting in a global B2C e-commerce turnover of $1,907bn. A year later, B2C e-commerce is expected to grow by 18.0 percent to reach $2,251bn.


Deloitte Fast50: 17th rank for Salesupply

Salesupply has achieved a fantastic 17th rank on the overall list of  the Deloitte Technology Fast50 award, which was released on Friday, October 31st 2014 in Utrecht. GreenPeak Technologies received the first prize with 8757% growth, followed by XebiaLabs Group and Improve Digital with respective growth rates of  8.609% and 5.466%.


Salesupply opens US office in New York

Salesupply, a company helping e-commerce firms to internationalize their e-commerce business, has opened a new office in New York. This
13th local office in the global Salesupply network will help European companies to enter the US market and US firms to strategically et eye on China, Brazil and Europe.


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