‘European growth market opportunities’

Investing in European e-commerce markets show high potential profits, since European markets show stable growth rates. However, different European e-commerce markets are still working on creating stable e-commerce platform. The maturity of the US e-commerce market is most comparable to the UK or Spanish e-commerce markets in Europe. They are both established markets with a mature infrastructure to support a trustworthy environment for online sales transactions. Speaking about infrastructure we focus on; Payment Methodes, Logistic solution, Marketing, Customer Service, etc. 

Growing markets
Southern European countries show the highest growth rates over the last year. Especially Italy, Turkey, and Greece, which grew between 30 and 35%. These markets are together with Belgium and Ukraine the most upcoming e-commerce markets in Europe. Our prediction is that the full potential of the European e-commerce market has not yet been reached and that the growth will maintain for at least a few years.
Our experience is that the most important key factors for growth in these markets are trust in the local online shopping platform, higher disposable incomes, and the expansion of mobile commerce stores on smartphones and tablets. Some of these fast growing markets are showing indicators that now is a good moment to enter and claim your position. 

However, many companies are still facing barriers when they want to enter these markets to sell abroad. Logistics and distribution, differences in international laws, customer service and difference in taxation systems are the most difficult challenges which we recognize that clients are facing when they want to expand their business to another country. We assist companies to overcome these barriers and start entering these profitable markets. With relative low supply in these markets, companies can have great opportunities to expand their business in these profitable markets. With local offices in over 15 countries and with the knowledge and expertise of local European markets Salesupply US can assist you in this process. If you are interested in the opportunity to expand your business cross border, please contact us or contact us at (+1) 310 807-50 41 for more information.   


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