'How e-commerce Companies Can Improve Their Profit Via a Strategic Return Process'

Bjorn.png  By: Björn van Brakel | Salesupply Inc.

For e-commerce businesses returns are simply part of the business however, returns can also destroy the already small margins on products. To avoid a loss, national and cross border custom made return solutions can help the profitability of your company. 

Starting with some facts. Depending on the type of product, up to 30% of all products ordered online are returned by customers, compared to only 8% of the products that are purchased in retail stores. Therefore, it’s important to control and optimize this part of the business.
Nowadays, many companies offer their clients free returning on their purchased items to encourage the customer to the purchase the product. We recognize that companies who ship their products from international warehouses cross border to their customers end up with substantial costs for accepting returns.

However, there are multiple opportunities for businesses in order to optimize this process and to reduce the amount of returns. For example, companies who invest to optimize the shop experience of customers on their webshop, reduce the amount of returns due to  “wrong product information”. There is a range of tools which can be implemented to help customers choosing the right product at one time. Research shows that many return requests contain, wrong sizes, colors or differences between pictures on the webshop and the actual product. 
If the shoe fits online it will reduce the amount of returns. Our intervention process starts with collecting data to track what’s being returned and why. From this starting point concrete intervention measures can be taken. From there on we will find out how we can make returns your competitive advantage. Therefore, we take the operating micro and the macro environment in account. Here are a few examples which we take in account to advice our client for their best custom made solution. The sizes of the products returned, the amount of returns, the location of the warehouses, the operating market, the value of the products. We offer our clients our local return points as their return address for their cross border sales. We are happy to advise you in a custom made solution for your company to increase your profit.



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