Search engine marketing


To reach your target audience with the search engine, we create target-aimed ad word campaigns for qualified traffic. Ad words enables a quick return on investment, starting with even a small budget. This flexible tool not only drives potential customers to your shop, but stimulates brand awareness as well.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a great way to raise awareness of your shop with onsite and offsite SEO. We can help you optimising your website in order to meet the requirements of Google and perform a detailed keyword analysis. Furthermore, we create valuable back links from high quality that help to boost your web shop.

Google shopping

If Google can draw a correlation between a search enquiry and your product information, it will automatically show the most relevant products including pictures, prices and the products name. Since this model is based on CPA, costs are only invoiced in case of a conversion.


Retargeting is an effective way to remind your potential target audience again of your products. A cookie based technology allows it to confront your former visitor with a real time generated advertisement, based on their surf and search behaviour. Retargeting measures can be triggered by several ways: shop visits, usage of Google or affiliate networks.


For display advertisement campaigns, suitable environments have to be defined. Adserver tools enable its user to implement and adjust ads as well as administer tracking and reporting. Regular reporting allows the measurement of the campaigns rent ability and optimises them for a maximum conversion.


There is no doubt that Google is the leading search engine worldwide. However, this does not mean that, depending on the country you want to sell in the future, Bing should not be regarded. Especially in the US Bing is quite often used. In October 2012 it had a market share of 16 %. It is worthwhile to implement Bing into your strategy.

Data analysis

No matter what kind of campaign and no matter which channels are used, we provide you with detailed reports about the performance of every campaign on a regular basis. This way, you can always keep track on the outcome. Also, we provide with tips and recommendations to get the best out of your resources.


Blogs are gaining more and more importance. Not only is this a great way to show a more personal site of your company, but also to profit from it as a tool in terms of search engine optimisation. We can help you create great content and take measures to boost the visibility of your blog and online shop.


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